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CHILDhealth connects regional, national and international partners and research consortia. Capitalizing on an extensive dissemination network, CHILDhealth can implement innovative diagnostic approaches and interventions into clinical practice.


Examples of our national networks


International long-term co-operations with researchers from outstanding facilities, such as the Institute of Psychiatry / King’s College London, Karolinska Institute, the universities of Cambridge, Melbourne, Nijmegen, Oxford, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vermont. International collaborative projects include EU-AIMS2- TRIALS, EU-PRIME, EU-Eat2beNice, EU-IMAGEN, EU-IMAGEMEND, BMBF-COMMITMENT, BMBF-IMPLEMENT, EU-AGGRESSOTYPE, EU-MATRICS, EU-ADDUCE, EU-PERS, EU-STIPED, EU-STOP, EU-FemNAT-CD, the Autism Genome Project, Autism Sequencing Consortium, Psychiatric Genomics consortium, and ENIGMA working groups on brain imaging in ASD and conduct disorder. We also collaborate with leading scientists of independent international epidemiological and clinical cohorts in India and China (Gunter Schumann) the adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study (Hugh Garavan, Vermont) and the Saguenay Youth Study (Tomas Paus, Toronto).

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